Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nicole Simpson Cant Rap

So I scrapped F.M.L. and started work on "Nicole Simpson Cant Rap" a return to form of sorts to a time when I was just a fun loving MC with witty rhymes and the charm thatd shake the panties off ya granny. King MC is back, but the "I hate life" raps. And Im tossing original production this round, since Im working on the album. Heres the tenative track list

1) Intro
2) King MC
3) Say Nothing
4) Apollo Mike
5) Brown Bag Sweetheart
6) Russian Roulette RMX ft. Rihanna
7) If You Like It
8) I Made It
9) Drop The World
10) Elevatorzzz
11) Baby
12) Whatchusay ft. Jason Derulo
13) Shining Down
14) Rad
15) Music Box
16) Carry On Game
17) Can You Hear
18) Im Awesome
19) Not Supposed
20) Kelly
21) Betrayal
22) Conteplatin Homocide
23) Outro

Monday, December 14, 2009

Say Whats Real

Good evening children, its been a while. No need to update on the goings on in the brain and life of Mr. Guesby. Fuck it, I will, cuz thats how I roll dog. Car completely slit its wrists in September, left no note, nothing. I can see why they say suicide is selfish, the Swagon didnt show warning signs. It never withdrew itself from the team. Hell it even got a nice shiney new 200 dollar windshield, a nice oil change with the NASCAR oil, a brand new battery, had a new lease in life. But one September morning on the way to drill it said "fuck you guys, Im going home" and by going home, it meant that highway I left it on, wit its ol bitch ass. November I lost my job, not really a story Id like to get into, since certain shallow concieted misguided whores like to constantly throw jabs at the god and his unemployment. Finally, find out why I was acting crazy and suicidal, fucking Chantix. Its a stop smoking aid my mother gave me. Which was 6 months expired. Chantix was already fucking folk the fuck up, being expired and mixed with heavy amounts of Southern Comfort and Valium I was using prolly wasnt helping. Im still with this Jamie gal, not a really a story Im willing to discuss because I have yet to figure her or what we are out. Its just best I dont ask questions, I get more sex that way...HA!!

Musically, well I still hate that Im painfully addicted to the craft of hip hop. My constant depression, has lead my music down a darker path. The results are actually pretty good, people like it. But now Im at the point that I wonder if theyll like it or me when Im no longer depressed....like thatll ever happen.

Im currently in a state of confusion, where I dont know who I am, what I am to become, who to trust, who loves me, and its painful to say the very least. Suicide is constantly on my mind. Because Im living dollar to dollar, not nessacarily knowing how rent will be paid if I will be able to eat that night. Jamie has been the best to me, on the surface, but underneath it all, I still question whats going on. Something I try to break myself of, and it often works, but it often doesnt. I find myself drinking as much as always, thanks to my liquor store giving me bottles on credit. Which I think is cuz Im the only guy on the S.E. side of the dub drinking Southern Comfort, I could be wrong.

Depression is the worst when you have absolutely no support system. I hate the "everything will be ok" responses. Because it may not be, life has a weird way of ending itself that way. My parents think Im just bitching, my girl tells me to relax. I cant relax when she is a good position, and Im in the worst ever. Its like everyday the clock is ticking. Like she'll wake up and no longer wanna be with a bum like me. And I try every day to prove my worth to her. Im not even collecting unemployment because the job lied and said I quit. I look for jobs everyday. And Im past being cool and frown upon or made fun of, so the gods been applying at McDonalds and shit. I just want a check.

The only thing really keeping me going is my dog Edge and my fear of God. Sometimes I doubt if the heaven n hell shit is real, but then again I cant off myself and it is real, thatd be awful. And my poor puppy dog Edge, where will he go? Will my parents take him? Will he go to the pound? He's too hyperactive (and bad) to really be adopted. If he is, will someone beat him? Questions I dont have answers to. And no the people in my life arent keeping me going because they act if I dont exist as is. Im positive my death would mean nothing to them.

So here I am, stuck. Stuck in a confused state with no end in site. I pray for change, but I all get is rain....sounds like a song.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Time For A Change

In December, I will release what will be my 10th and FINAL mixtape. Now, through the years Ive flirted with quitting music. And we all know I can not. So, Im not quitting music. Im just done making mixtapes. Im ready for albums, Im ready for that deal or something. I began my recording career in October 2006 with my debut mixtape "P.L.O. Style" and havent looked back since. Heres the complete Mike Game discography:
P.L.O. STYLE (2006)
F.M.L. (2009)

Now the the 3 between BIEM and FML havent been released yet, but they will. Next week Im entering the studio for the last time til the summer, and in one month bring an end to it all. I did one mixtape, and it was my greatest accomplishment. Then I did another one, no one cared. I did Members Only, started buzzing. I did Reckless Abandon (5237 downloads to date, 3000 of them in a month and a half) and all of a sudden I mattered. I was thrust into the upper echeleon of the scene. I did Throwaways and it became a must have for any Mike Game fan (all 2 of em, nooch). I did Before I Embarass Myself and god damn it, it was classic. But it was slept on, I dropped the ball on that. No worries, Ill spend my time after F.M.L. promoting my music to the fullest extent, and hopfully, this time next year, youll be hearing of me all over. P.L.O. Style, Before I Embarass Myself, and F.M.L. are what I call "The Mirror Trilogy". In which, like no other rapper in this town of mine (save for of course XV), I exposed every part of my life to not only myself, but to the world. I will always love them. PLO Style though lacking in sound quality with next to emotion on delivery, it was my very first, my baby. I spent the whole summer of 2006 writing and recording it. Ill never forget the 2 am sessions, the phone calls to Sleep at 5 am after I did a few songs to tell him how dope they were. That summer also introduced me to the man Ill always be associated with, XV. Alot of people know that he's why Im even around today. I started off as a fan, then an associate, then foes. That summer, he did something that no one expected him to do, diss a rapper no one has ever heard of. He was supposed to Ja Rule, ether me further into the irrelevence I was already in. But what happened? I didnt die. I didnt give up on rap. And for the longest, I had been that guy who got ate by XV. Personally, now Ive never heard him say this, its just my opinion, I feel he did that because he saw potential in me. I mean he was gettin hated on and dissed by everyone all the time, and never said nothing. Why me? Well, the whys dont matter, because Im still here. Im still one of the few MCs that matter. And who knows if I had the time to fully dedicate myself to this music like he or KaeWun or SoUniQ or LP The Hoodsta. I could blow this god forsaken town. Now, I use XV as a study guide. We're basically the same person in a way. We both have an obession with music and movies. We both dont fit in. We're both incredibly nice but horribly misunderstood. We're slept on by many. We're either loved or hated, those who like a Mike Game or a XV love everything we do, and the ones who hate us, well they cant find a nice thing to say. The difference between us is age, height (i got 2 inches on the homie, nooch), dedication and exposure. That will soon change. Also, it may seem like I slack on the music tip. But in 3 years I gave you 10 mixtapes, 5 in 2009 alone, I think thats quite remarkable. But I will say this 2010 is my last year doing this. I cant be a local rapper forever, I refuse to. So with that said, get ready for the ride of your life. Because Mike Game is about to be bigger than **Jesus!!!!

**PS Not Jesus in like Jesus Christ, Jesus pronounced Hay-zeus, the 6 ft 300 lb cook over at Alenjandro's, I will be bigger than him

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nigga, You Almost Was A Bitch

Ok, I really dont know why I chose that to be the title of this blog, but I chose it, so love it. Its been awhile since I updated the Illprint Diaries, and for good reason. I just dont care about this, or anything else for that matter. Life is just a big game of, Fuck I dont even know what to call it. Im just so helpless in my situation, and people just think they have all the answers. I am a realist, I live in reality, I base thoughts ideas beliefs and values on REALITY. So all that "things will get better, we all had tough times" mess, yal can KILL THAT NOISE. No one person knows exactly how another person has felt, despite similar or comparable circumstances. Nigga Im still fucking devastated about my grandma dying. Its been overa year. And people be like "we all lost loved ones", well fuck you, I didnt know your mom, and you didnt know my grandma so you cant feel the same way I do, nor have you ever. People in my ear "Your grandma wouldnt want you to be depressed", do you fucking know her? Do you know how shed want me to feel? How do you know she'd even care? How do you know that me and her had problems and just pretended (we didnt, Im just saying). Im so sick and tired of people thinking the emotions I feel and the shoes I wear somehow relate to them. The homie once tried to compare my home invasion to the time her cds got jacked, bitch it aint the same thing. Youre drunk ass left ya doors unlocked n shit. Someone broke into MY HOUSE and STOLE my computer dvds shoes clothes recording equipment, my whole fucking life. Now Ive got nothing, making me more of a nobody than I already was.

The more depressed I get, the more I see how fake everyone around me really is. They come by with generic words of kindness, when theyre just words. There is no genuine concern or kindness behind them. Just some shit they say so when I finally fucking lose it and end my life they can tell people they tried. And females, dont get me started. Ive come to the realization that they only want me for sex (as weird and fucked up as it sounds). At times, I really know what its like to be a girl. Bitches hear I dont wanna fuck, then they got no words for me. Bitches hit me up on the myspace, slide me they number at work, and when they get no type of attention or affection, they talk shit. Asking me if Im gay. No bitch Im not gay, I happen to be with someone (and I swear the next bitch who complains bout getting cheated on is getting beat the fuck down, cuz yal dont care if the nigga you fuck got a girl or not). And unfortunately for me, Im now attracting fat girls with kids and unjustified high self esteem, aka the type of bitch who doesnt even have the right to look at me, let alone speak to me.

Whatever happened to the days when a girl would just be fat as fuck and depressed and live her life in solitude? I miss them, now I got Lou Albano (R.I.P. Cap'n) lookin bitches out in the streets with they shit all out tryna get some penis. I can tell you what happened...BLACK GUYS. Black guys love them some white girls, and it doesnt really matter what she looks like either. I believe interracial relationships are based purely and solely on REBELLION. That slave mentality blacks still carry to this day, mainly because all of America wont let us be equals, causing black guys to gravitate towards the white bitches. They still got that "ima fuck masa's daughter" in they head, despite they have no master, and dozens of fat chicks theyre plowing arent any master's daughters. And white bitches gravitate towards black guys, because despite what they wanna tell you and themselves, itll still upset their family. Their dad is going to pissed she's with a black dude, and be pissed that theyre Anglo bloodline has been tainted with the blood of the Negro.

Now some of you may be thinking Im some Pro Black Militant. Well youd be wrong, Im mixed, my mother is white and my father is black. But as time goes on, Im starting to hate interracial relationships, mainly cuz it fucks up the white girl. They start talking ebonics and shit, saying the word Nigga and feeling ok about it. And fuck that. My favorite example of when interracial relationships work is my boy Kyle and his wife Heidi. They got a cute lil kid Mason (aka Murder Ma$e). But Heidi is still super white, and I love it. But on the other hand, Kyle is also very white as well (i dont know if Heidi had something to with it or not, I think he's always been that way). Now when I say act white or act black, Im not saying that every race should act a certain way and that be that. No, Im talking more of a cultural aspect. Ethnicities wouldnt be ethnicities without cultural specific aspents, otherwise we'd all be one thing, just shades of colors. But under no circumstance should anyone outside of Blacks ever say nigga. Unles theyre being racist and saying Nigger, then go for it. Because Nigger is a racial slur to cut down blacks, and Nigga is a term of endearment amongst blacks, key word being AMONGST, meaning if youre not part of that race, then dont use it. Im all for white folk saying Nigger to piss me off. Why? Because thats why its there. Nigga though, just makes me wanna punch you, because you clearly forgot your own heritage and now think youre black, and which Im ashamed of you. Reguardless of race, one shouldnt abandon their own. Dont be ashamed you come from the hood, so you tear down ya ghetto living blacks and wear Hollister and shit. Same with the whites, dont abandon whats been your lifestyle and in your bloodline just to be cool. I mean shit, if youre family are professionals with high salaries and youve been alotted the best schools, the best clothes, the best food, dont come to the hood and fuck with blacks just go against the grain, its highly disrespectful to both the people you are in with and your family. The same people you think are cool because of their hand to mouth paycheck to paycheck living would fucking kill to have the oppertunities you have.

I really have no idea where I was taking this, but it ended up somewhere. Im an angry person yo, people are upsetting me on a day to day basis.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Its Been A While

In case you were wondering what the above pill is, it is a Valium, aka my new best friend. I havent updated the old blog for sometime. Mainly because my life is slowly, but fucking surely becoming shattered. In August, some NIGGERS, with the -ER, broke into my house and stole my computer, studio, clothes, and dvds. I know who did it, Rodrick Ingram, I know your name and address bitch, youre so fucking lucky God runs deep within me. Then the engine on the Stanza (aka Swagon) blew on sunday. I aint got shit people. Its becoming harder and harder to function as days go by. Im also involved with a new girl, who makes life better, but also confusing and disturbing, but thats who I like my girls aint it?

Ive been writing alot more lately, since I cant fucking record. And I DO NOT LIKE where my lyrics are heading. Im getting back into the complex over the head ness I was doing years ago, which caused alot of my music to fall on deaf ears. Moreso prolly now, since my experiences have broadened and my way of thinking is different, it may be even harder now to know what Im talking about. I still got my boys Pinnacle n SK recording and putting out they hotness, so Illprint will be aliiiiive. But fuck it yo, like I said earlier, its getting harder to maintain. I drink every night, add some Valium in there and I forget whats missing from my life. I hate that I have to result to that, but Im so damn scared to face it sober. And my family is bugging, telling me everything will be ok. NO THE FUCK IT WONT!! That studio was my fucking life. The music I made was a direct extension of who I am as a person. Sure, it prolly wasnt the greatest thing made by anyone ever in life. But IT WAS ME. The studio was my release. Everything that bothered me, I wrote and recorded. From hating my job, to hating rappers, to hating myself, to hating my ex, to wanting to beat up my ex, to drinking, to loving Kelly Clarkson, to loving the first drag of a cigerette. I mean NO ONE lives this like I did. And now what, what do I do? I joined the Army to buy that. Signed my life away for 6 years. Worked 10 hard months to secure the funds for that. And some fuckface lowlife not willing to work hard thinks he can just eat off my plate? Fuck that, I said homie was lucky before. But Im losing it people, I may do something drastic.

As far as my new found dependancy on the pills and the booze, its not going away. Im not going to say "I can quit anytime I want". Because not only is that prolly not true, I dont wanna fucking quit. Ill quit when the pain is gone. Ill quit when I have my life back. ILL QUIT WHEN IM DEAD.

And speaking of death, in 2 weeks (Oct 1) I turn 22, its also the day my grandma died. So fuck being sober, yet alone alive that day.

Mike Game, Out

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Illprint Releases Coming Soon

Dropping Next Week
"Before I Embarass Myself" by Mike Game
Before I Embarass Myself cd cover on Twitpic

Dropping In September
"World Fucking Famous" by The Bang Bus (Mike Game, Pinnacle, K Sleep, & Guests)
The Official Bang Bus mixtape cover on Twitpic

Friday, July 10, 2009

The 10 Rap Commandments

So Im on Twitter, I say "Fuck 2Pac" and the world ends. So Im inspired to create a list of Rap Commandments

1) 2Pac Is The Best Rapper Ever (though I disagree, it seems that its true)
2) Jay-Z Is The Best Rapper Alive (also I disagree, it seems muhfuckas love this guy, despite he's never been that amazing)
3) You Gotta Sell Crack (even if you didnt, you have to say you did)
4) You Have To Be "Hard" (people dont like rappers who rap about everyday things, oh no, everyday you have to commit crimes and shoot and kill people)
5) Dr Dre Is The Greatest Producer (despite The Chronic being nothing but Parliment-Funkadelic loops)
6) You Have To Have Swag (Unless you look borderline homosexual, you dont have swag, you need colorful shoes clothes and neckerchiefs)
7) Your Life Has To Revolve Around The Club (yes, everytime you must go to the club, pop bottles and leave with a girl, despite real girls never leave the club with someone)
8) You Have To Be Rich As Fuck (it seems like every rapper has enough money for maybachs and ice, which means Maybachs are the price of Kia's and I should own one)
9) You Have To Be Real (whatever that means, clearly my definition and the worlds definition of real is far different from that of a rappers)
10) Cant Love (Who gives a fuck if thats ya babys mama, so what yal been married for 10 years, you dont love them hoes)