Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nicole Simpson Cant Rap

So I scrapped F.M.L. and started work on "Nicole Simpson Cant Rap" a return to form of sorts to a time when I was just a fun loving MC with witty rhymes and the charm thatd shake the panties off ya granny. King MC is back, but the "I hate life" raps. And Im tossing original production this round, since Im working on the album. Heres the tenative track list

1) Intro
2) King MC
3) Say Nothing
4) Apollo Mike
5) Brown Bag Sweetheart
6) Russian Roulette RMX ft. Rihanna
7) If You Like It
8) I Made It
9) Drop The World
10) Elevatorzzz
11) Baby
12) Whatchusay ft. Jason Derulo
13) Shining Down
14) Rad
15) Music Box
16) Carry On Game
17) Can You Hear
18) Im Awesome
19) Not Supposed
20) Kelly
21) Betrayal
22) Conteplatin Homocide
23) Outro

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